"Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah."

Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:8

Monday, January 24, 2011

Yoo li Yaj - Sick is Happening!

Hello to everyone! Hope that everything has been going well in the month of January. I can hardly believe that it's already almost over! This month has flown by.

This week has been a pretty lame week in all honesty. We didn't work very much this week partly because we were in Coban for a couple of days and partly just because of lack of planning. I thought the conference with Elder Ballard (turned out that Elder Holland was just a rumor.) would be really awesome, but it turned out to be a bit disappointing. We went to Coban and had some free time to go around and shop a little bit before hand and then we went to the conference. They played the conference using Windows media player so it was like doing a web chat with Elder Ballard (kind of like the KC temple ground breaking) and the sound was really awful. It was too quiet to hear almost and there was a lot of static. And we didn't get to hear Elder Ballard in English either because they translated it over satellite which was lame because it made it even harder to hear. Most of the gringos gave up trying to listen because it was so hard to hear and it wasn't in English so it was really hard to pay attention. But I tried my best and was able to gain some new insights and take some good notes. I thought about how a lot of times it's kind of like that in our lives. We have to really put forth effort and try to be able to truly understand and hear the words of God from the prophets. Sometimes we think that because they aren't the words straight from the mouth of God that it's not the same, but if we truly listen we can learn and understand great things. I hope that made sense, but I'm kind of out of it today.

When I say "out of it" what I mean is "completely exhaustingly sick". (yoo li yaj= I am sick (sick is happening)) I was up basically since 2:30 in the morning,  and I started feeling worse and worse until finally, I threw up (xinxa'wak= I threw up.) So I didn't end up going to La Tinta with the rest of my district and instead am using internet here in Tucuru with Elder Lopez. I still feel pretty awful but not quite as bad as before. This is the second most sick I've ever been in my life (the first being the time in the CCM where it was pretty much the same only more throwing up.) So that's kind of lame and I always miss home when I'm sick because there's no one to take care of me really. But I'm hanging in there and I'll have all day today to get rested and better which is good because then I won't have to miss any work. Tomorrow we have interviews with President Torres, so I'm hoping that I'll be fine by tomorrow.

We've got a lot of work to do still really before tomorrow. Gilberto and Carlos (sons of the polygamist) are having their interviews tomorrow with President Torres, so we are trying to prepare them really well for their interviews so that President Torres will give them approval to get baptized this Saturday. Carlos is 14 and is really smart and understands everything that we teach him, but Gilberto is in classes with 9 and 10 year olds and has a very small attention span, so it's really hard to work with him. And we can never find him. So I'm pretty worried that Gilberto won't know the baptismal interview questions very well. We've tried a lot to teach him this week and haven't been able to at all. It's also hard because we can't teach them in their own house when their dad is there. So we'll see how things go tomorrow. I've got a lot to talk about with President Torres about a lot of different things. I am anxious to hear what counsel he has to give me and to feel spiritually uplifted afterwards. If everything goes according to plan, the next email I send we will have had at least 4 baptisms, maybe 6 depending on 2 girls in our ward whose parents are members.

Alright well I don't have too much else to say about the week, so I'll just move on to some shoutouts.

Mom- I'm glad that I got your email today because the last time that I got really sick I didn't get an email from you either, so I was worried the same thing was going to happen! So I'm glad you sent one :) How have you been lately? Still as crafty as ever I'm sure and always doing good things for other people. How's Relief Society? Speaking of which, I talked to the Relief Society here yesterday and they said that next Sunday I can take a picture and they will have at least one testimony for me to translate and send to you, so I'll try and take care of that. So who is bishop in the new ward boundaries? I'm assuming that everything is still the same for you guys. Haha I'm glad your car is ok, I was kind of worried when you said your car was in the shop. Being sick makes me think of you and watching Charles Dickens movies all day or Fawlty Towers haha. Good times. I think when I go back to college I'm going to come home every time I get sick. That's cool about the post office story. That lady is super nice and be sure to tell her and her congregation that I am truly appreciative of their thoughts and prayers in my behalf. I am always impressed and touched by good, loving, people who have faith in God and in prayer. The world needs more people like her and her congregation in it. Too bad you didn't run into that one girl that was kind of cute that we saw the first time when we went to get my passport. =P  Did Jack get my letter that I sent for him yet?  Thanks for being a great mom! Love you!

Dad- Hey! Haha I love how you are implementing Q'eqchi' speak in your emails by saying "happiness in your heart". You are practically a Q'eqchi'! Yep things are improving slowly but surely, so that's good. Thanks for your support and advice Dad, I couldn't make it through everything without you. I hadn't read that section recently either, but it's very good. I've been reading the Doctrine & Covenants recently and I'm in section 80 or something like that I think. There are a ton of sections that are a lot like this section.  How's work going for you lately? Any interesting cases? How's seminary? Send them my love as always and wake them all up for me. Maybe you could wear the banana suit one day in honor of me and Jordan haha. That's awesome about the BYU game this Wednesday! I will be praying all day that day..haha just kidding. I hope we beat them! I think we will especially if it's at BYU. They haven't played each other yet before this season right? Cheer extra hard for me. Jimmer is my hero haha. I heard the Jazz are doing terrible now, what happened! Well Dad, I love you and appreciate you. You're the best.

Matt- I heard from Grandma that you were still asleep on Saturday when she called at 11:30. Haha you are starting to sound like me! You better not get into any bad sleeping habits out there, it will be the death of your good grades. Any dates yet? How're classes going? Hope BYU is treating you like number one and that you are dominating your classes as usual. Love you bro, write me when you get a chance. Ps- you should get into BYU sports, they are super fun.

Grandma- Hey! Glad you got my letter Grandma. Thanks for putting my name in the Temple and for your thoughts and prayers in my behalf. You are a great grandma. I hope that you are having in a good time in your ward and that you are enjoying the nice St. George weather. And don't worry about waking Matt up on Saturday, it's a good thing. I think you should call him earlier! Thanks Grandma, Love you.

Jack- Hey! how was your birthday bud? I hope you had a really fun time with the family and with your friends! Just wanted to say congrats buddy on being such a stud. You will be such a great deacon. I'll be thinking about you a lot next Sunday when you are ordained as a deacon. Keep up the good work and write me when you get my letter ok? Love you bud!

Kinzie- I love you too you little pansy :) i loved your Christmas card that you sent me for seminary. I seriously laughed out loud. And a bunch of Guatemalan people looked at me weird. So thanks! You should write me you little brat! Love you!

Alright well my time is up now. I hope you all have a great week. I'll have a lot of news the next time I write with baptisms and with what's going to happen with changes. So be ready for a lot of news! Love you all tons.

Toj li chik xamaan,
Elder Norton

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