"Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah."

Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:8

Monday, February 28, 2011

Seven Months in the Mission Today!

Hello! from the beautiful center of Senahu. It's a bright sunny day here and it's pretty warm. Today I complete 7 months in my mission (wuqub'=7 ; po= moon/ month; wan: exists ; we: from my mouth/ that are mine) which is good, but time is going by way too fast! I can hardly believe it. I judge my time based off of Elder Lusty since he was born in Tucuru with me. I have the same time as he did when I entered the mission now (he has 6 more months than me.) so I am starting to feel really weird. Now if another new missionary enters the Polochik like I did, I will really start to feel weird. This change is already almost over and February is gone, which means only 2 more months until my birthday and when I get to call!! I'm excited for that. I imagine that I'll probably be in Yalijux around 6 months or so which means that I'll hit a year in Yalijux if stay here which is a weird thought. Next change will be General Conference, and the change after that I'll be calling home! So only a couple more months!

Alright so this week: I was on divisions in Seamay (seh-ah-MY) which is Elder Larsen's area. He went up to Yalijux with Elder Xocop and I was with Elder Hale.  Seamay isn't even in my district but the ZL's wanted everyone to go on divisions to try and help with our goals to try and have a progressing family in every area. So I was there most of the week. Seamay is right next to Senahu, probably abut a 20 minute walk. The best part was having a warm shower every day, having electricity, and being able to go to the "comedor" (kitchen) for lunch every day. And I also ate corn flakes with sugar and cinnamon every morning which was pretty heavenly. Elder Hale is a cool elder from Arizona. He's got 11 months in the mission and this is his first change in Senahu, so he still doesn't know Q'eqchi' (but he knows a lot more than I did when I had his time here so he's pretty pilas) so I had to take the lead and talk to everybody. It was a humbling experience to see how much the Lord has helped me to learn Q'eqchi' so that I was able to understand everybody and say what we needed to and translate for Elder Hale too. I know the Lord has blessed me so much with Q'eqchi' because I didn't get to really practice Q'eqchi' very much in Tucuru with Elder Lopez because he didn't want to go anywhere Q'eqchi' speaking.  So I'm really thankful to the Lord for helping me so much and for blessing me with His Spirit to be able to understand and speak this ridiculously hard language.  So I had a good time in Seamay and I really love the people in this area. I would maybe like to serve here some day, maybe to train. Friday I went back up to Yalijux and we found a car that took us all the way up and didn't charge us (another blessing from the Lord which I was really thankful for.) 

The weekend in Yalijux was a bit disappointing. Our baptismal date with Mateo fell through because he and his family moved on Sunday to Teleman and aren't coming back. So that was a kind of a bummer. Then on Sunday we didn't have any families or any investigators at all come to church. We have one family that we have been trying to work really hard with, Vicente and his wife, Magdalena. Vicente always listens to us and...sort of understands things. He knows how to read a little bit so we've been leaving him reading assignments in the Book of Mormon and he says he's been reading it and he says he believes it. The wife doesn't really show interest too much and doesn't really pay attention to us when we teach because she always tells us that she didn't understand, but it's more like she doesn't really want to understand. We had a pretty good lesson with them Sunday, so I'm really hoping that they will come to church this Sunday. We'll probably go and try and bring them from their house to take them to church. Other than them, we have some other possiblities for future progressing investigators, but we don't really have anyone progressing right now. We're working with a girl named Norma and her husband Ricardo, who is a member, to try to get them married so she can get baptized. She usually comes to church and she believes in the church, but they don't want to get married yet. The "custom" here when you get married is to have a big party with everyone and feed everyone and stuff, so they tell us that they don't have any money and want to wait until they've saved up some money for their wedding party. So we're going to keep trying to help them see things in a bigger perspective. I appreciate your prayers on my behalf and on behalf of all of the people in Yalijux. We have a lot of work to do, but the Lord is with is.

Sounds like BYU B-Ball is going really well still which makes me happy jaja! I haven't been thinking about them or anything during the week, but I'm always excited on Mondays to hear how things are going. I really hope they get a first seed in the NCAA tournament and I hope they go all the way to win!! Who are the other first seed possibilities? Who else is in the top 5? BYU better do this well when I get home! They won't though since Jimmer will be gone. I'm still holding on for Hawes and some of the other younger ones. I'm glad that you guys are rooting them on for me!

Alright time for some shoutouts:

Mom- yeah it's pretty amazing and sickening to see how bad the world is getting. Everything in the music/movie industry is moving so much further and further into sin. It really is true that Satan is trying as hard as he can to destroy the family. That's sad about the marriage defense act. I think that we already are seeing the consequences and will see a lot worse consequences soon of the "destruction foretold by both ancient and modern prophets" as the family and the morals needed in a good family keep disintegrating. Kind of scary, but I can't tell you how glad I am to have grown up in such a strong and Christ centered family. I think about it every day and I thank God every day that I have been taught so well by my parents. I was thinking a lot about prophets lately too and how thankful I am that there is a prophet on the earth to lead us and guide us now, especially with things like the family. I am REALLY excited for General Conference, I can hardly wait! It's so uplifting and spiritual, I love it. I love reading the talks in the Ensign afterwards too. Jaja I know it's kind of funny about the ramen noodles, but these aren't the same brand, they are a weird "international brand" and supposedly ramen noodles are a lot better jaja. So don't worry. And don't worry about my birthday. I've got pretty much all I want and you guys are already spending tons of money on packages and stuff so don't worry! :) love you!

Dad- Thanks for your insights on building things after the manner of God and not after men. It's true, everything we do in life we have to do God's way, not man's way and if we do it God's way, some people will ridicule us like Nephi's brothers, but we will be led to where Heavenly Father wants us to be and in Heaven with Him. Yeah it's definitely true about mountains too. The climbs are always hard, but you can only get to the top if you climb. There's no way around it. I can't wait for when I get back and we can get into BYU sports together jaja and we can keep having a great relationship. I know we always will. Thanks for being such a great dad and for being an example of who I want to be.

Well I'm out of time now, sorry I have to cut this a little short, but I love you guys tons and I'm thinking about you and praying for you. Thanks for all of your support and for being so great. As for the plans about coming to pick me up, I try not to think about that too much, but I'll talk more about it next email. Love you guys tons!!

Elder Norton

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Great Week In Yalijux

Hola querida familia mia!

How is everyone doing? Sounds like you are all doing well and that everyone is happy back "where the buffaloes roam and the deer and the antelope play." (I'm still a loyal and patriotic Kansan at heart.) Thanks for your letters and for keeping me up to date on everything.

This week has been a great week for me and I've felt really good working in Yalijux. It was nice to have the whole week to be able to work (or at least Wednesday through Sunday) and we are trying to give it our all. Our mission is focused mainly on the family and we are encouraged to look for families instead of individuals to baptize. Elder Martino, who came a couple of weeks ago for our conference, really stressed the importance of families and set goals with all of the ZL's about families. Because of that, our zone has been really focusing on finding new families and baptizing families. We had a zone meeting last week where we set goals and talked about how we can find more families. To go along with that, we just got the translation of "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" in Q'eqchi' last week. So this week Elder Xocop and I tried really hard to plead with the Lord to help us find families, and to have at least one progressing family by the end of the month and to keep stressing the importance of families. We taught a lot of people using the Proclamation and it helped us with pretty much everything we did. We used it to contact and to let people know about how God intends for the family to be eternal and asked if they want to know how theirs can be. We used it with recent converts to help begin to prepare them to enter the temple and be sealed there as a family, and we did the same with less active families who haven't been sealed yet. And finally we used it yesterday to set 2 baptismal dates with a dad and his son who are the only members of their family who aren't members. The mom and the rest of the kids were baptized a few months ago, but the dad hadn't been yet, and the son just turned 8. The dad's name is Mateo and the son is Felix. Mateo had a baptismal date but ended up having some type of problem right  before and didn't end up getting baptized. But after teaching him using the proclamation, we were able to explain to him that his family needed him to go with them in the "path of the Lord" (Q'eqchi's always use path or road to talk about things like this.) He knew that he needed to get baptized for his family and was excited when we told him that he could get baptized with his son Felix. So they have a date for the 5th of March and they will be a complete family, so we're already working towards our goals and the Lord has blessed us a lot. We were also able to find about 3 or 4 new families that seem like they will progress. It was really cool with one new family because at the end of the lesson that we taught, he said "I believe everything that you said." So I'm really grateful to the Lord for helping us so much and I'm so grateful for the words and message of inspired prophets of God about the family. I encourage you all to read the Proclamation for family home evening and try to see how you can apply it's principles more as a family and just think about how important the family is. For me, there's nothing more important in the world, and when I think about how I want to be with my family forever, I want to be the absolute best I can be so that I can be with you guys forever some day. Truly the family is ordained of God and the most important social unit in the world. I'm so grateful for my family and I love you guys so much!

Other than that, nothing too unusual happened this week. We went to a place called San Antonio Las Puertas which is about a 2 and a half hour's hike (going fast) away. It was a pretty tough climb, but it was really beautiful. I didn't get the chance to take any pictures yet but I'm sure I'll go there again. There are some recent converts of about 9 months that live there and they faithfully make the hike every Sunday to be there at 9 in the morning and after church is over they walk all the way back. All of them come to church too. So it really was nothing to have to go there one time and their faith has really touched me. On Saturday we had a service project at the church where we cleaned everything and did some work on the grounds (digging a big hole for trash and cutting stuff with machetes.) Almost the entire branch was there helping out so there were a ton of kids running around. The kids kept me pretty busy trying to see if I have katz katz (if I'm ticklish) and they kept pulling my arms from both sides trying to pull me down or something like that haha. So I may have actually played with the kids more than I did work...but there were lots of people to help out. I felt a lot of love for my branch, especially for the kids. They are great people. Things are going fantastic in Yalijux and I just love being there.

On to the shoutouts:

Dad- Yeah I'm sure that it's hard to actually make a decision for yourself about seminary. I'm sure that you are such a great teacher that they don't want to release you, but you have been doing it for so long that it's kind of hard. Ok here is a little more of my daily activities/interaction with the people: Everywhere we go, and I seriously mean everywhere, as we walk down the streets and on the little paths all of the little kids come out of the houses and say "Ani laa k'ab'a?" which means "what is your name?"  Seriously I think that I say my name about 50 times in one day. No one can ever say my name though, they just say "Elmer Norte" which is kind of funny. I've started saying my name Elder NorTON (with the emphasis on the last syllable since everything is on the last syllable here in q'eqchi') and it kind of helps a little bit I guess. The adults aren't much better, they always say things like "your boots are really big" or "your hair is beautiful" or "your hair is yellow" or "you're really tall". So it's kind of funny and I usually take the oportuninty when they say things to me to go and talk to them and contact them and tell them about the gospel. The people are generally nice and respectful and when they say things like that they are just being their childish selves, so I just smile and laugh and answer them all and go and talk to them. Some people don't want to talk to us, some people let us in to talk to them but they aren't really interested at all at don't listen. Some people just want to talk with a white guy and some people are actually interested in what we have to say. So we try and contact everybody and give everyone a chance to hear our message. We contact houses a lot and just go in and teach them. I think it's fun Jaja, and I'm glad you know how we say "haha" in Spanish!

Mom- Ok first I'll answer your questions: 1)Yes I got my valentines package! Sorry I forgot to tell you last week. Thank you so much! The candy was delicious and it's pretty much all gone already jaja. I loved the clever scriptures relating to the candy haha. You're the best mom. 2) Yes the members and even the people who aren't members feed us a lot. They give us avacados (in qeqchi "o" means avacado.), beans, caldo, and eggs- always with tortillas. A lot of times they just give us something to drink. But we usually get fed something every day. 3) Yes, I will try really hard to do that for you. The testimony will be a tiny bit hard since people don't really know how to write, but I'll just have someone say theirs and I'll write it down. :)  4) other than the couple of baptismal dates we have, I don't know the names of any investigators that we have, but we have a couple of families. I'll give more details later. 5) Yes I am in Zone senahu and yes Elder Larsen is in my zone. He was my ZL all three changes that I was in Tucuru and he is super funny and a great elder. I see him every Monday and Tuesday when I'm here in Senahu for pday and we always have a lot of fun. He likes to do weird stuff like impersonations like me haha, and he reminds me a little bit of Mark Johnson. I'm sure you and his mom are in cahoots with each other through your little group so that's probably why you asked. Haha I loved the story about dad and black beans and eggs. It's not actually that bad at all. I like black beans and eggs a lot actually. (p.s. It's slightly humorous that you sent me ramen noodles when that is one of the the few things that we can buy it Yalijux! haha but thank you all the same :) ) Weird about Nick Jonas being in Broadway plays. But that's cool I guess. I'm anxious to see the changes you are talking about to Les Mis. Thanks for the info about the new mission president! Looks like he'll be a great mission president. You're the best mom, Love you!

Alright, well times up, but I love you all tons and I'm thankful for all of your support. Thanks for being the best family I could ask for!

Elder Norton

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Am Grateful to the Lord For the Things I Have

Oooo! ¿Ma sa sa' lee ch'ool sa' li kutan re li rahok a'in? (Are your hearts happy on this Valentines Day?) 

I hope you are all in a loving mood today and that you are all doing well. I'm doing really well and am feeling el espĂ­ritu de amor here in Yalijux, or the musiq'ej re li rahok as I would say here. But don't worry it's a Christlike love, not a romancy type of love. Things are going really well for me and I am very happy right now. Haha I'm really grateful for all of your concern and your love that you always show me, but don't worry I am well taken care of in Yalijux. It's not near as bad as you think it is. We have running water from a spicket that we use to wash dishes and things like that and we have plastic bag type things to put over the holes in the shower so that the Q'eqchi' people don't see me showering.  We also have a really good water filter that we use, so we get all the clean water that we want. The water is very cold and it's a generally cold place, but it's not bad at all. The first night I was really cold, but now I've adjusted and figured out how to keep warm at night and I haven't had any problems since. I bought gloves and a hat in Coban and they have been doing wonders for me. 

As for the food, it's true that there's not a ton to buy from the stores where I'm at, mostly just ramen noodles, eggs, and beans, but every week I come down to Senahu to buy some groceries, so I can get things like pasta, jelly and bread for sandwiches, and pretty much anything I want. But if I only ate beans and eggs every day I would eat more than a lot of the people in my area eat. I've eaten a little bit with some people and so far I've had eggs, beans, avacado/ guacamole (avacado in q'eqchi' is "O". yep, just the vowel) and chile. Of course everything is eaten with corn tortillas. It's actually all been tasty and I haven't had anything really gross yet. (Although one family gave me something called an "ox" (osh) which was a weird and dry thing that I can't even really explain. It was kind of gross, but not too bad. So I really appreciate how concerned you guys are about me and I'm grateful for the packages you sent me and everything, but in all honesty things couldn't be better. I like living like the people do in Yalijux because I get more of a feel for how they live their lives and how much faith and courage all of the people have here. I might not have very many commodities and it's a lot different from living like we do in the states, but the Lord is literally giving me everything that I could ever want. I never was that big on camping, but I think when I get back I will be a lot more friendly to the idea, haha. So don't worry.

My area is such a special place and I am really happy there. The Lord is protecting and watching over me every day and I can feel Him giving me literal power and strength to keep working hard and doing what He wants me to do. The only real hard part about my area is getting there and getting to Senahu! It's pretty far away from Senahu. Every Sunday we go down to San Francisco where the wooden church is, and we sleep on chairs and hammocks and then catch a truck from there in the morning to Senahu. Sleeping in San Francisco is pretty painful haha. Sleeping on the chairs hurts my back (they're metal chairs, not the plastic ones, although there are 4 slightly cushioned ones.) and sleeping in a hammock hurts my collar bones and shoulders. But like I said, I'm grateful to the Lord for the things that I do have and there are a lot of people who sleep in worse conditions every night, so I can't complain. 

Q'eqchi' is coming along really fast now that I'm only speaking Q'eqchi'. But I know that the Lord has truly blessed me so much since I didn't get all that much practice in Tucuru. It's still kind of hard to understand people sometimes. There are days when I feel like I understand everything and others where I have to have people repeat everything they say 2 or 3 times. Elder Xocop is from a place called Chimaltenango (or maybe Chimeltenango?) and the people there speak Kaqchikel, not Q'eqchi'. He spoke mostly only Spanish before the mission though from what he tells me. His parents spoke Kaqchikel a lot, but he didn't ever really learn it really well. He says he knows more Q'eqchi' now than Kaqchikel.  Anyways, we both are at about the same level in Q'eqchi'. We have the same time in the Polochik and he actually came up to the Polochik with me when I entered in the mission (It seems weird to think that I entered the mission a while ago now..) He's great and we get along super well. He's a little more quiet and is super humble and a great person. So far we're doing really well. He will probably have a change though this next change I think since he will have been in yalijux for 4 changes. Maybe not though. We'll see what happens. 

Happy Birthday Mom! I'm glad you got my little package and I'm glad you liked the pictures! (Yes it was corn silk and yes it matched pretty nicely with my hair color haha)  I hope that you had a fun birthday and that you had Dad buy you something nice for me. Sounds like you guys had a really fun time in Chicago. I'm jealous! I want to go to Chicago sometime. Maybe in a few years. I'm glad to hear that Les Mis was much better than the Tuacahn rendition. (It would be challenging to be worse...) I had a bunch of Les Mis songs stuck in my head this past week thinking about you guys seeing it. And thanks for those verses in Alma 26- those are pretty awesome verses and it really hits home to me because I literally am with the Lamanite people. I'm just about to get to Alma in my personal study in Spanish, so I'm really excited to study it really well and to think about how I can be a better missionary like Ammon and his brethren. You're the best and I love you too!

Dad- loved the Jimmer article, I would have done the same thing to that girl. "With the same judgement that you judge Jimmer, you will be judged." I'm glad that BYU beat Utah, and it made me laugh to hear that you made mom and Kinzie go to 810 zone to watch the game. I am going to really think a lot about your advice that you gave about idleness. It's really true that idleness isn't just not doing anything, but is also misusing time. I'm going to try hard to make this next week a really fruitful week directed by the Spirit so that I can work hard and feel the "sweat" and at the same time feel approval of the Lord that I am doing everything possible to use His time well. Thanks dad for your advice. Love you tons!

Jack- hey bud, I hope your talk went well.  I heard you did a great job. Thanks for being a good example to me. Love you so!

Kinzie- thanks for your email! You are the best sister ever! I love you and you already look different from when I left! Quit growing up! And  stay away from boys!

Ok well times up, but I know this work is true and I couldn't be happier. I love you all so much and I hope that more than anything you feel the Love of the Lord this week.

Love you!

Elder Norton

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pictures From Tucuru

Wielding the sword of the Spirit??

Best Christmas package ever!

Getting the baptismal font ready.

Baptism of Familia Rax.

Feed the birds, quetzals a bag.

Fun with corn silk.

More fun with corn silk.

Yet another one!!

One of our baptisms.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pictures of New Area - Yalijux

I got these pictures from Charisse Schone, whose son Griffin just left Yalijux and Jace took his place.  She was kind enough to share some pictures with us and tell us a little about Jace's new area.  These are some of the things she told us about Yalijux.

-  They live in the church and have no electricity, running water, or real bathroom facilities.
-  They spend a lot of time hiking and traveling up and down the mountain.
-  Food is not very plentiful and they eat beans and eggs for every meal.
-  They don't shower except for on Preparation day once a week.
-  On Sunday nights they travel to the San Francisco church building which is just a one room wood building with dirt floors.  They meet up with two other elders and sleep in hammocks or on the chairs in the church.  The next day they travel to another town for p-day where most of their clothes are kept and when they go back up to Yalijux, they only take what they need for the week.

It sounds like it will be an adventure!  Charisse said her son loved his time in Yalijux, and I am sure Jace will love it too.

The Yalijux church where they live.  Their room is the door that is open.

Their bedroom.

Their kitchen.  Notice the water container.  Just like camping!!

The throne - a cement hole.

Shower???  Don't you love the door and the holes in the wall???

The Primary room behind the church.  

The church in San Francisco.

Monday, February 7, 2011

No Matter How Much Pain I Feel, Jesus Christ Has Already Walked That Path

Hey Family!!! 

How is everybody this week? I'm sure the kids had a great week missing almost the entire week of school because of the snow! I'm still bitter about the fact that I didn't have any snow days my senior year! The pictures you sent are crazy. It's kind of hard for me to even conceive snow anymore these days. There's no word for it in Q'eqchi' so people here don't even know what it is. But right now I'm in an area where if it's ever going to snow, it will be in my area. I'm in an area called Yalijux (pronounced tee-ah-li-JOOSH)  in zone Senahu. It's the highest area in the entire mission and it is SO cold up there! It is a pure q'eqchi' area--not a lick of Spanish up there and I'm with Elder Xocop from Guatemala. Elder Xocop is such an awesome comp so far. He's very laid back, kind of quiet and maybe a little timid, super funny, and just awesome. It's honestly such a relief to be with him and I'm loving it so far. So. 

Here's a little more about Yalijux. My area is at the top of a bunch of huge mountains. You have to climb up a lot to get up to Yalijux, and once you finally get to the top, it opens up into a valley in the middle of these big mountains. It's absolutely gorgeous up there. It's really easy to work in the center because it's in a valley, all of the houses are sort of lined up along one long street that goes through all of Yalijux, and we don't have to climb very much when we're in the center of Yalijux. We have a big area though and we have to climb a bunch of mountains to get to most of our other aldeas and areas. We had 78 members in church yesterday just to give you an idea of how many people are members. We live in the church which is fairly small, but it's made with cinder block, not wood, so that's good. There's no electricity at all where we're at so we have to use lamps at night. Most days we came back home around 7 because everyone is already starting to sleep. It get's REALLY cold at night. The past couple of nights I have been wearing sweatpants, a hoodie, socks, and 3 thick blankets to go to sleep, and I was still shivering and was having trouble sleeping because it was so cold.  We're the furthest missionaries away in zone Senahu and we have to do things differently in my new area. We have a house in the center of Senahu which is the first place you come to when going up into the Senahu zone. We leave almost all of our stuff there and come down once a week to bring up the stuff that we'll need for the week. We come down every monday morning, have pday in Senahu, stay the night Monday night, have district meeting the next morning, and leave for our areas Tuesday around 12. So it's crazy having to do that but a lot of fun.

Today we are in good old COBAN for our pday today and for a conference with one of the area Seventy tomorrow. It was quite the trip to be able to get here though. Yesterday we left around 10:30 to be able to get to the center of Senahu so that we could leave for Coban today. So we left and started walking for Senahu. at 5:30 we got to Senahu finally. We walked for about 4 and a half hours with only a couple of breaks. I've never walked so far in my whole life! I thought that I might die, especially since I was fasting the first 2 ish hours that we walked. At 5:30 we finally got to Senahu. I got sunburned really bad because I only had brought the things that I needed for a couple of days and forgot sunscreen. As I was walking I was having a pretty hard time at the end, and I started to feel like I didn't have strength to keep going. But I remembered the words from Dad's blessing to me talking about in the times when I feel that I have no strength or can't go any further that if I will trust in the Lord that He will help me and give me strength. As I thought about that, I realzed that Jesus has walked the exact same path that I was walking. That in reality he had literally experienced every detail of every second of having to make that journey, from the aching in my legs, to the pain from being sunburned, to the pain in my toe. It was just a cool experience for me to realized that Jesus Christ truly has felt every single little pain that we have ever or will ever feel. When I thought about that, I felt a lot of strength and energy and was able to keep going until we finally found a car that took us about 10 minutes to get to Senahu. It was a hard experience, but it was a faith building and character strengthening experience that I needed to have. I truly know now that now matter how far I go, how much pain I feel, how tired I am, how much I don't want to go anymore, Jesus Christ has literally already walked that path. He knows everything. He has already experienced what I am experiencing and what I have experienced and He knows how to help me make it through and he knows the lessons that I need to learn with every step. I'm learning so much here and my faith is being strengthened so much. I love my new area a ton and I've felt so strongly the Lord's help with Q'eqchi'. I know that the things I know haven't come from me or any kind of ability that I have, but have all come from the Lord teaching me and giving me His Spirit to be able to understand.

Alright well I'm already almost out of time so I'll make a few quick comments on your emails..

I'm so proud of you Jack. You are such a good example to me and to everyone else in our ward. Thank you for being righteous and good enough to be able to understand how important the priesthood is. Good luck with your talk next week buddy. Thanks for your testimony which has strengthened mine so much and I'm glad that you are being such a good representative of Jesus Christ. Love you bud.

Sorry guys but I don't have enough time to write anything else. I really love you all tons and I'm grateful for all you do for me. Thanks for your letters and for being a great family. Hope you are all doing well and that there is always happiness in your hearts. Love you!

Elder Norton