"Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah."

Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:8

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Can Count the Months I Have Left With My Two Hands!

With my companion, Elder Contreras.
Hello to all from sunny, hot Salama.

Interesting fact that I learned this week: The name "Salama" comes from the Q'eqchi' "tzalam ha" which means plank or board on water. Apparently Salama used to be a big lake a long time ago (it's a huge valley surrounded by mountains). So that's cool.

Today I'm not going to have a ton of time to write, but last week's email was HUGE so I guess that will have to hold you guys over haha.

This week was a good week. Tuesday we didn't go out and work because we were in Guate for my comp's teeth. There were some scares about an earthquake because of some tremors I guess, but we didn't feel anything. After that it was a normal week of work being a zl. I went on divisions to an area called Val Paraíso where it really is pure Poqomchi. I was able to actually speak quite a bit with the people there so that was fun. I kind of wish that I had gotten to be in an area like that to learn Poqom. Anyways, other than that it was a normal week.

We worked a LOT with members this week and were able to have 11 lessons with a member (a definite mission record for me. woo!) and once again we were able to see the Lord's hand working miracles in our work since we were able to have that much success even with one day without working. So I'm just loving all of these great blessings from the Lord. One day while we were working with a member in an area about 30 minutes away, we both felt the impression to contact a family sitting on the path outside. They were really friendly and we talked for a while. At the end they told us that we could pass by their house someday and we told them we'd pass by tomorrow. After we left I saw this kid walking on the other side of the street and recognized him from the branch in El Fiscal in the capital where I was after I fell. I was really surpised to see him and went to go talk to him. He told me that he was living with his brother who happened to be the guy that we had contacted out on the path. I always love seeing how the Lord puts so many opportunities in our path! So we'll see what will happen with that.

As for the baptisms this Saturday...one of the girls that we were planning on baptizing this week didn't come to church yesterday because she went to a dance and didn't come back until really late.  We also found out that the dad, who is a member that we thought was really faithful, has been coming home drunk. So it looks like we will probably have some more work to do them. We're going to see if we can't baptize the younger girl this Saturday and the older girl later on once we get things figured out with her.

Alright, well time is very shot so I need to move on to personal stuff.

Mom- haha I loved the song you wrote. It was great. That's cool that you guys have been doing that! I had no idea "my mom goes to college". Sounds like you are having a good time though. I'm SO excited for the sing off with Vocal Point! You have to keep me updated every week on how they do! I want to be in Vocal Point REAL bad when I get back! But it sounds like if they are going to be on shows like that (and win..) it will be harder to get in to. But we'll see. Anyways, I got your package a while ago. I thought I told you but I guess I forgot. Thanks a lot mom :) Also, E. Gutierrez got his package that you guys sent and he called me the other day to tell you guys that he is really grateful and that he was only doing his duty as my comp haha. So thanks for doing that. You guys re the best. Love you!

Dad- HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS FRIDAY! I laughed out loud about the other side of heaven thing hahaha. Thanks for the experiences as a ZL. We put a goal this week to have 23 baptismal dates as a zone and were able to have 19 yesterday so we came fairly close to achieving the goal. I'll try to realy help my zone more to be motivated to have the faith to acheive the goals that we set together. Thanks for the advice and counsel. Love you tons!

Alright, well times up. Love you all tons. I can't believe I already have 14 months in the mission. 10 MONTHS LEFT! Love and miss you all!

Elder Norton

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