"Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah."

Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:8

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hob' Po Chik . . . 5 Months Left


Tomorrow I will be completing 19 months in my mission. That means that I will only have 5 months left...it's such a weird thought to be honest. It's weird to think that Mark and Twoody are even further along than I am and that we will all be home soon. I actually don't like thinking about how much time I have left because I already love my area and the people so much and I wish that I could have more time to be here in the Polochik. But don't get me wrong, I am VERY excited to see you bums too haha.

This week was a good week. We had interviews with President which was really awesome. He told me that he was kind of surprised with the change but that the Lord wanted me back in the Polochik. He asked me why I thought that the Lord had sent me back. I pretty much immediately thought about the promise that I received in my blessing from President Ross about how I would have the opportunity to have people "flock behind me into the waters of baptism." I told president that that's why I felt like the Lord had let me come back. As soon as I said that I felt a very strong confirmation from the Spirit telling me that it was true and I just felt the reassurance that the Lord always keeps His promises when we keep ours. I left the interview with a lot of enthusiasm to keep working hard and changing to be worthy enough to receive such a great blessing. I have complete faith that it will happen if I change and work hard enough to be worthy to receive it. So keep praying for me ok? 

The area here is great. Its a big valley with big mountains on both sides. It's mostly hot and muggy all the time. It's not really a place that has a "center" or anything, it's just a few blocks of houses and then after that the houses are all pretty spread out. Yesterday in church we had an attendance of 162 people which is a good sized number! It's as much as we had in Salama which is a lot. We had 8 investigators in church yesterday. A lot of the time the investigators that come to church here are spouses of members. We have about 5 families that we are working with to "complete" the family (or in other words, baptize the one that's not a member.) It's a great blessing to already have so many people going to church because that's something not too common here in the Polochik. Now we just have to be dilligent and have the faith that the Lord will provide the miracles. This week in your fast I ask that you could especially rembmer: S. H.- his wife and kids got baptized a few months ago and they are SOLID converts. He drinks a lot and hasn't been able to stop. Please ask the Lord to help him to have the desire to stop drinking so that he can get baptized next month. M. A. - his wife is also a member and he also drinks. Plese fast for him that he will be moved enough for the love of his family to stop drinking, get married, and get baptized. Please also remember R. and her two kids (not sure on their names yet.) She came to church with her less active husband yesterday for the first time. Please fast so that she will understand what we teach and that the Spirit will help her have desires to be baptized. Finally, please remember A. He wants to get baptized as well but he can't get married to his wife yet because he has to get divorced with his first wife still. We need a pretty good miralce for him. I really appreciate all that you guys do in praying and fasting for me and my investigators. These people are really special to me and I love them a lot. I want to help them but I need help in calling down Heavenly help from the Lord.

On to some quick personal comments:

Mom- haha don't worry mom I know that you are determined. I talked to President Watts in my interview about it and he said although he normally discourages it (even though he can never and will never say no as you said and he even said it himself), under the circumstances of the choir and Julie coming down and everything that it would probably work out. He said he was going to think more about it and let me know what he thought. If the choir wasn't coming to sing though it would be better to just come back a week later. I think maybe the thing now is what to do about me still being a missionary. I've heard from other missionaries that it's actually possible for my stake president to call me and release me over the phone so that I wouldn't be wandering around with you guys still as a missionary. I wonder if that's what president is thinking about? Because he pretty much told me that it would be fine for the choir and everything. So we'll see, but don't worry :) ok a couple of baggy questions....What have you figured out about rooming/ an aparment at BYU? When do you need to sign up for rooming? and for classes when are signups for fall semester? Ok gotta go, K'A'JO' NAKATINRA AT INNA'!!! (I really love you my mother!)) ps thanks for Twoody's letter!

Dad- haha now that I'm back in the chik I expect you to send me random and funny Q'eqchi' words every once in a while haha. How's work treating you? Hope you're not too stressed out and busy. You'll get more gray hairs before I get home if you are too busy =P That's good that Jack talked to you about that. He's such a good little kid. I could see from the pictures that you and he are developing a really good relationship already. I am definitely in agreement that the four of us men need to do some REALLY fun stuff together when I get home. Dad, you're already one of my best friends and you always will be so I definitely want to make sure that we always have a close relationship. My wife will have to like your silly sense of humor so that we can all hang out together :) Love you dad. You're the best.

Alright guys well my times up so I have to send this out. Love you all tons!!!!

Elder Norton

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