"Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah."

Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:8

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lord is Blessing Us

Hey guys!!

Hope you all enjoy the nice weather during spring break back in the good old, blessed land of America. The weather here hasn't been too bad, just pretty rainy. When it's not rainy it's just hot. I don't get burned too bad for the most part though. 

Ok, well I don't have much time because the internet here is kind of lame but I'll give you a few quick updates:

This week we put 3 more baptismal dates with 3 kids of a member that had been inactive for a while and just started coming back to church. His wife is planning on getting baptized as well but she is about to give birth so she wants to wait until after the 40 days of rest (Q'eqchi' tradition...) after giving birth to get married and baptized. 

One of our fechas, Alicia lives about an hour away pretty much all up the side of a mountain. The first time I went there I thought I might die. But now we go up there 3 or 4 times a week to visit her and my legs are getting to be so strong, they are turning into "molten lava" (haha love you dad.) It's beautiful where she lives. I sent you a picture of us with her and a couple others. Hope you enjoy them. The Lord is blessing us a TON with all of the work we are doing. In fact the zone is having quite a surge right now with baptisms. Saturday the zone baptized 20 (11 in one single area.) and every area in the zone has fechas except for one area. It's really exciting and it only makes sense since we have really great zone leaders right now (Elder Dillworth and Elder Snow- both from my group.) Today we got together with our ZLs since we live fairly close and we played Monopoly on my nice new set. It was fun even though I lost haha. If it had been Settlers of Catan I would have won for sure (That is a threat for when I get home.) =P 

This Saturday we are having a big movie night here which will be fun I think. The 31st is when we are planning on having the 7 baptisms and 3 marriages. The three new kids that have a baptismal date are Irma, Ana, and Sergio. Please pray for them too and for their mom!!!

On to the baggy stuff.

Mom- sounds good about the car idea. I don't think I'm going to be using the car very much. I am going to probably try and use my bike a lot. (When I get back to BYU I'm going to live a pure Q'eqchi' lifestyle haha) But yeah it sounds good to me. As far as places I want to visit: (In order from shortest distance from the cap to longest distance) Salama, Tactic, Coban, Tukuru, Sacsuha, Senahu, Yalijux, Tikal, Flores. That's it for right now for sure. As for transportation. Any other place except for the Polochik transportation will be a very minimal problem I think. Actually in the Polochik it will be a little tougher. I'd like to go and visit Yalijux and maybe show you guys where I fell in the tube haha, but it would maybe be a little tough to get up there. It would probably be best to hire someone to take us around places for the most part. Ther other thing is, I don't know if you guys would want to drive to Flores or fly in on little airplanes. It's like 30-45 minutes in a plane and about 9 hours from the cap in a bus. So that's something to decide. Other than that the plans sound good to me. Love you mom!!

Dad- hey dad! Sounds cool about the iPads. haha I remember that I laughed when I read your Q'eqchi' name but there was one word that didn't make sense to me. You'll have to tell me exactly what it's supposed to mean. Sounds like you are still working hard. I pray for you a lot so that you'll have the energy and Spirit neccessary to keep doing what you need to. I have been thinking a little more about classes. Here are some ideas and things I would like you to look into for me: Spanish 391, New Testament with Todd Parker, Linguistics major- what are the requirements and the deets on the major?, Mandarin, Hebrew, Portugese, Italian (I'm leaning more towards Mandarin for sure and one other I think. Hebrew is another possible one but I'm not exactly sure how much it would serve me in the future. But I think maybe I woud like to take it. Portugese and Italian would just be easy since they are VERY similar to Spanish.) Marriage prep class? Not sure if that's cheesy, but what the heck. Piano class? Nueroscience 201 (I think that's the name. it's the first class of the major.) An easier English class would probably be necessary I think. And look into Mayan history/ anything that has to do with Mayan. I heard there are classes for K'iche' at BYU so look into that for me as well would you? Let me know what you think about these classes. Thanks dad, Love you!!

Alright My time is spent. Love you all tons and I'll write you more next week. Love you!

Elder Norton

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