"Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah."

Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:8

Friday, March 30, 2012

I Love Q'eqchi!

Hey guys!

Well, another change has passed by with nothing really too exciting happening. My companion and I are both staying in Saqsuha' which means probably a couple of things: first off, my companion will have 7 and a half months of being here in Saqsuha'. Secondly, I feel like I'll probably train to finish my mission my last 2 changes (the training program now in the mission is 2 months) I'm excited for that because I have experienced what it is like to be trained by someone that's going home in the Polochik. So I feel like I could hopefully help a missionary out a ton by training. So those are my thoughts. Other than that only a couple other elders had changes. Things are staying pretty much the same. Elder Ware and Elder Rodríguez, the other two elders in the district, (GREAT missionaries. Elder Ware is already one of my best friends in the mish) don't have changes either. It will be good because we are starting to get really close as a district and it's a lot of fun (as seen in the pancake picture). 

Other than that this week passed by pretty normally. We are still working with our investigators and right now we have 5 poeple that we are going to baptize in 2 weeks ad 1 couple that we are going to get married. They are Alicia, who is getting married to her husband, Oscar; Irma, Ana, and Sergio who are the kids of Domingo; and Edgar who is the child of some a less active family. Pray for them please!

Apart from them we still have Juana and her broken-legged husband, Oscar. We are working a lot with them and we are really gaining Oscar's trust. I think that they will get married soon. They just have some slight financial problems that they need to work out. A lot of people are telling him that it would be really "ugly" to get married with a big cast on his leg but I told him that he just needs to do it now and worry about keeping the commandments and not anything else.

We also found another couple that aren't married where the wife isn't a member. They were under the impression that maybe she could just get baptized without having to get married first so we had to explain that to them. The Q'eqchi' culture is a little bit (better put: a LOT a bit) messed up in terms of marriage. There's no real dating here, it's just a matter of finding someone you like and then the girl moves in with the guy and his family. Then they don't want to get married until they really get to know each other after a couple of years or so. After doing that, geting enough money to have your own house, THEN you get married. So we're trying to change that couple by couple just promising blessings of the Lord for obeying the commandments. The branch here is changing a lot and it's a lot of fun for me to get to work with all of the members. This last Sunday I taught the Sunday School lesson about keeping the Sabbath day holy and it was great because everyone understood everything I was saying. One of the most gratifying feelings is being able to really explain to people principles and commandments of the Gospel and have them understand you completely. I LOVE Q'EQCHI'.

Alright well I don't have too much time left so I better move on to some shoutouts:

McKinzie:  Hey! You little freaker neener!! I'm glad to hear that you are bailing out of BVN. I think I would have done the same...So you are going to BVH as of right now or as of next semester? That's so cool that you made chambers at BVH!!! I didn't have any doubts though :) Me and the other 3 elders in my district were just watching your video today of your voice recital and we were talking about how great you are. Elder Ware says you definitely have a country voice. So they dance a lot too at the BVH chamber choir? I'm totally jealous that you get to go to NYC and Disneyworld!! LUCKY! (Napoleon Dynamite voice.)  Well you are a super star for sure Kinzers. Congrats and don't get too cozy dancing with Paul and Parker.......haha jk. Seriously!  But if you have to dance with someone it had better be them and not some Cananite. haha. Love you!!!!

Jack- So if I get this straight, you are going to Prarie Star NEXT year right? Sounds cool bro. You'll do great anywhere you go. Sounds like dancing for the Cultural Event is a joy haha. Just bear with patience your afflictions and you'll be blessed some day when you get back from your mission. ;) Let me know everything else that's going on up there. Love you!

Dad- OK. 2 thumbs up on the schedule. Just one thing: I do want to challenge myself a little bit too. I'm interested in taking possibly a history class. I would like to take either a Mayan history class or a Middle Eastern history class if possible. Also pilates sounds...interesting haha. I am interested in working on posture and looking more educated...more white, but pilates wasn't exactly what I was thinking of. But we'll see. I'll go and if I don't want to do it I can drop it in the end. That's cool you get to be a host for the temple open house!! You're the man dad!! That should be a great experience. I'm really excited to see the temple and I'm even more excited to do family history work there and possibly get married there someday (gulp). Well, next Monday it would probably be nice if we could send a few emails back and forth to finalize my schedule. So I'll email you as soon as I get on the computer and you can let me know what things look like. Thanks for everything dad!

Mom- haha I'll hold you to that! I need to eat all of the Kolaches and McGriddles I can. And Chipotle burritos :) We will definitely make good use of the month that I'm home before going back out to BYU. Too bad I missed out on the parties! You know how I love you beat you all in "Times Up" with dad (the dynamic duo who do NOT cheat :) ) What does Julie have to say about the Q'eqchi' Choir? Any more interesting news? Also, you never know mom, I might find my pilates wife there. That's why I'm going to keep it at least for a few days to see if there are any candidates there. =P Thanks for writing and for all of your prayers for my investigators. I always tell my investigators that there is a family praying for them in Kansas. It really means a lot. Have a good conference week!!!! Love you!! :)

Alright, well time's up for now but I'll write you all again next week! Nekexinra!

Elder Norton

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