"Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah."

Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:8

Monday, April 2, 2012

Eventful Conference Weekend

Hey guys!

Hope you all enjoyed conference weekend as much as I did!  Actually I hope you all enjoyed conference weekend a heck of a lot more than I did. Not that I didn't enjoy it but the circumstances of watching the conference were probably better than the circumstances we were in in the Polochik. We were here in Saqsuha' where we were supposed to get satelite service to watch the conference. Unfortunately there was no service. So, instead of watching the first session on Saturday I spent about 2 hours talking on the phone with a couple guys from the capital, and Elder Snow spent a good time talking to some guy in SLC about how to fix it, but we still got nothing. So we ended up going to Senahu (there were 8 of us that were supposed to watch it in Saqsuha') where we were able to see the 2nd Saturday Session and the Priesthood Session. That night we all slept in the chapel in Senahu (kind of like my first conference haha) and I just slept on the floor with a blanket. Fortunately, the senior couple in Senahu were able to provide us with a few blankets and pillows which made our stay a little bit more comfortable. It actually wasn't too bad to be honest and I slept ok. Sunday morning things went well, just in the afternoon a big rainstorm came and the power went out. We were afraid of missing the session but we were able to get a power generator running just in time for Elder Perry's talk. So we didn't miss much. Then yesterday night we tried to get back down to our areas but we couldn't find a ride in time and ended up all sleeping in the ZL's house in Teleman on cots and on mattresses on the floor. (it seemed like heaven compared to the chapel haha). It was a lot of fun actually and we got to talk a lot and get to know each other more. We got to know Elder Paulson from Draper since it was his first weekend in the Chik. He is super fun and we had a really good time. Then today we got back to our area where we showered (admittedly for the first time in a couple days...) and came here to La Tinta for our pday. Today I am starting divisions with Elder Ware that will be until Wednesday morning which will be super fun. To answer your question mom, Elder Ware's mom reads my blog and everything and she made a blog for him. elderryanware.blogspot.com is the site for his blog. He says she hasn't been initiated in your "secret motherly combinations" but I'm sure that you can lead her astray. =P

This past week we found another part member couple that wanted to get married and baptized. The nonmember's name is Zacarías and he is a pretty cool guy. He's already been coming to church for a while now, we just didn't know that he wasn't a member. Now that we know we are starting to work hard with him to get him prepared so that they can possibly be married in the last part of April or the first part of May. Everything's going well with all of our investigators but we don't know who ended up going to conference because we weren't there unfortunately! I hope most of them went.

Alright time is short.

Mom- hahaha ok I didn't see E. Archuleta but another elder swore that he saw him. I didn't really believe him but I said, "well if it's true, my mom will for sure tell me Monday." I can always count on you for little bits of info like that haha. Yah it was a great conference. Lots of revelation for our fam huh? I just felt like every single talk was just saying "Elder Norton you need to get home, get studying and working, and start looking for your wife right away." I had been thinking a little bit lately about how I have no idea how to start a family or much less provide for one financially (or even for myself for that matter..) So I had been thinking that it would maybe be a good idea to first just spend time preparing and then maybe in a few years get married. But after this conference I just felt a lot of impressions that said "You don't need to wait at all. Just find your wife and marry her. Do what's right-go to the temple, read the scriptures, pray every day together, listen to the prophets, pay your tithing, and do what's right- and it will all work out just fine." So I'm definitely going to work and make sure that I can provide for my family, that I'm responsible and everything, and that I will be a good father, but "bachelorhood isn't good", as I learned in the conference. Yikes! Love you mom!!

Dad- sounds good about the classes I think. If I want to change anything I think it should be fairly easy in the first week or so when everyone is switching classes and stuff. But I feel good about it. I actually know who the Woodward's family friend is that teaches Spanish. I slept at his house when I went with Twoody's family to Colorado haha. Actually it's his wife that has mom's pillow hahaha. Maybe I can finally get it back. Would you do me a favor though dad and do a little bit of research on the differences/ similarities between arabic and hebrew? What is the official language of Israel? Is hebrew spoken by only the Jews in Israel? Just out of curiosity. But yeah everything looks good. I guess I'll have to wait for pilates for another year haha. What other classes is Twoody taking? I was thinking a lot about how great it will be next priesthood session when you Matt, Jack, and I will all be together at the conference center watching! It will be awesome. Thanks for doing everything for my schedule though dad I really appreciate it. Love you!!

Alright guys, well sorry I couldn't write more but my time's up. I'll talk to you all soon!! Love you!!

Elder Norton

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