"Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah."

Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:8

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary to My Wonderful Parents

Hello from RAINY Taktik!

I am a bit jealous of all of the sunshine you guys are getting in St. George. Here it has been pretty much rainy every day for the past few days. It gets kind of cold here when it rains actually. And unfortunately the rain jacket that we bought from missionary mall leaves me pretty much just as wet. And recently I lost track of the umbrella I had...or maybe it got stolen haha I'm not sure. But I don't know where it is. But don't worry I'm just going to buy a little cheap umbrella here and it will work just fine.

Well first of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY mom and dad! I'm glad you guys got married way back when. I hope you guys have a really fun week and that you will always find more love and happiness together. But please make sure that the younger kids don't hear anything about "tex mex" =P Love you guys, you're the best. (ps how are the companionship prayers going? :) )

Sounds like you guys are having a fun time so far and I'm really glad to hear that you are enjoying some of God's wonderful creations out there. I never went to Bryce Canyon did I? I can't remember if I did. Or Duck Creek Pond. Sounds like you guys planned a lot funner trip in Orderville than past times haha. I love family road trips so I'm kinda bummed I'm not there with you guys right now, but just think, this is the last big trip you guys will have before GUATE! Any more word on what's going to happen next summer? What do you guys think about it? I think in the end I'd be fine either having you guys come to pick me up or me coming home and going back the next summer or something. So whatever. Tell me what you guys are thinking.

This week was a pretty good week. The major families that we have as investigators weren't really home at all this week, so mostly we looked for some new people and went to some new areas to contact people (in Poqomchi'). But we have a family home evening planned for tongiht with Edílsar and Milvia who are a family that are pretty much our biggest possiblity right now for a family. They are really awesome, but they feel like right now that the desire to be baptized hasn't really been born in their hearts. We are going to teach them about the restoration of the gospel today and watch the restoration movie and then share our testimonies with all of his family who are all members. Hopefully the Lord will touch their hearts so that the desire to be baptized can really come out of their hearts. Other than that we have a great investigator named Miguel who has come to church 3 times now and is progressing along really well. He's 19 years old. It is kind of hard for him to understand a lot of things sometimes, so we have to teach him a little slower, but he is pretty much for sure going to get baptized we just have to make sure he has a testimony first. Other than that we contacted a few families that were given to us as references. One family goes to church with the "testigos" (Jehovah's Witnesses) but they are just now starting to move away from their teachings a little and they have neighbors who are one of the most pilas families in the branch, so we are going to work with them and hopefully help them to move towards baptism in the true church (and a church that allows it's members to celebrate birthdays...). Also we got into contact with a couple of families where the dad gets drunk on the weekends and we talked with the mom and the kids about how they don't want their dad/ husband to do that anymore. We are going to start teaching them the word of wisdom and helping them to stop drinking. So we have a lot of possibilities right now in Taktik and a lot of areas where we can go and contact.

As for Poqomchi' things are going pretty well. I'm starting to be able to carry on simple conversations in Poqom so that is helping a lot. I also just barely found a bible in Poqom that will help out a lot. Supposedly the "Principles of the Gospel" book they have in Poqom and they are sending a bunch to our branch soon. On Wednesday I was coming back to my area from district meeting and was sitting next to an old Poqomchi' lady. I felt the spirit prompting me to talk to her. I  honestly was going to just ignore the impression and not say anything, but deciding that I didn't ever want to knowingly ignore an impression, I prayed for courage to just talk to her and started. I had a nice little conversation with her about where she was going, where she lived, what her name was, who I was, what we were doing and that we were missionaries. I told her that we go around talking about Jesus Christ and that one day we wanted to try to come to her house to talk to her. It was a simple little conversation, but the Lord helped me to be able to speak and to understand and I felt happy. After that, we went to a little village where they speak mostly Poqom and I felt the help of the Lord a lot as we contacted and talked with the people there. I know that the Lord blessed me for obeying a prompting from His Spirit. So things are going pretty well with Poqom. Still a long way to go, but making progress!

On to the personal comments.

Mom- good that you had a fun time is SLC. I hope you bought me some chocolate covered cinamon bears! Haha you would cry walking past the MTC =P don't worry though I'm glad you think about me enough to cry over me :)  The shoelaces are for my shoes so just normal size. And if you haven't sent the package do you think you could do me a favor and buy 5 "s" garment bottoms that are the spandex sport ones to give to some of the Latinos here that want some? Thanks mom : ) Love you!

Dad- haha everything you said about how you felt pretty much is exaclty how I feel. I don't think that I am really too different from you. Which is good cause that means I'll turn out to be a great guy. (just hopefully with a little more hair =P) Hope you had a good and nostalgic time in St. George. Tell grandma hi for me and tell her I love her lots. Hope you guys have fun in the rest of your trip. I talked you up a lot to Elder Larsen haha so he'll be excited to meet you probably. Happy anniversary and thanks for all of your support. Love you dad!

Alright, well time is up, but I'll write you all next week! Love you!

Elder Norton

ps drive safe!

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