"Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah."

Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:8

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello Dear Family and Friends!

I write to you today VERY late and VERY tired. Today we went to a big waterfall called "El Salto" in a place called Chilasco and got some AWESOME pictures. But we had to walk for about an hour going downhill and then another 2 hours coming back up. It was pretty brutal for my comp haha. So I am very burnt and tired, but happy.

So forgive me if this email is a bit shorter than usual but I'm a little shorter on time. This week was a pretty good week. The conference and interviews went really well. Tuesday we had the interviews and I had a great interview with President Watts. We talked about my area and about how I can work with the leaders in my branch better. He counseled me to always counsel the Lord in what areas and which people to focus on and to really just use the Spirit to be effective in everything. I felt the Spirit a lot and learned a lot during the interview. We didn't talk at all about Poqomchi' or anything like that. That night we had a lesson with Edílsar and Milvia who are a great couple that we are working with. The wife, Milvia, told us right off the bat that after the last lesson we had that she wanted to get baptized and that she was going to get married so that she could. Edílsar wasn't quite as ready though. We tried to put the goal of having a date to be baptized but he says he still can't say if he will or not because he has a lot of hate in his heart. Apparently his dad was killed when he was 15 and he knows who did it. I guess that person still tries to hurt him and his family, so he says for that reason that he's not ready to get baptized. Neither of them showed up to church yesterday though =/ Then the next day I got sick early in the morning and couldn't leave the house to be there on time at 8:30. After resting for a while I felt better and we left but didn't end up getting there until around 11:30. And we don't have a phone right now that works which means that we couldn't call to tell anyone that we would be late. So of course we got a lot of unwanted attention. It kind of stunk too that we missed most of the conference and only got to hear a few parts. But it was still good. After that, the week went on pretty normally. This week is the last week of the change which means on Sunday night I should know if I'll have a change or not. I think it's pretty safe to say that I'll be staying. But as always there's a lot of speculation. Some people think I'm leaving. If I leave I just hope it will be back to Polochik!!

A funny experience of the week- We have been teaching an inactive family that have recently started coming back to church. This week we had a lesson with the family and were talking a little bit with them after the lesson. All of a sudden the Sister, María, just started staring at Elder Escate (think crazy prophecy lady from Harry Potter) and says "you are going to get married one month before your 26th birthday." She told him all the details of who his wife would supposedly be and the date supposedly of when he is going to get married. So for fun I asked her about my wedding. According to her, I am going to get married the 18th of July, 2014. My wife will be a gringa (white) but will have brown eyes and will be kind of short. She'll come to about my shoulder apparently. She is supposedly going to be 2 years older than me and will live 9 houses to the left of my house. Haha I thought it was pretty funny. The sister told me that I should write it down because she has predicted the weddings of a lot of different missionaries and a lot of them have written her letters saying that she was right. Apparently she's had this "gift" since she was little. Haha so let it be written in the book of prophecies of my life! Of course she says she can also read palms...

Sounds like you guys had a good week. I am SO jealous after seeing all of the pictures from Texas and really want to go and visit all of my favorite families. I hope all of them are doing really well and that they all know that I am thinking about them. ¡Les amo y extaño mucho! Pero ya casi me voy para visitarles y platicar con todos en español. I'm glad that Karen had a good wedding. Everybody really looks great in all the pictures so that makes me really happy. Thanks for all of the pictures. You guys all look good but different! Weird! But in a good way.

Anways, good luck to Kinzie and Jack as they start school again! Keep up the good work and work really hard so that time will go by faster and we'll see each other sooner! And good luck to Matt too starting another semester at BYU. Hope you do really well in all of your classes.

Now for some shoutouts:

Mom- haha I'm excited for your little missionary mom zone conference. It'll be fun to meet everyone there. The Gutierrez are going to come up there to visit? Lucky! I can't remember if they ever came to visit us in Kansas or if it was just the Díaz. Well be sure to tell them that I'm sending them a letter this week. Haha I'm glad you are enjoying the peace and quiet of having the kids out of the house. :) Even though you won't admit it, I know that the real reason is so that you can go and eat Chipotle without anyone knowing and then have a nice peaceful nap! =P haha just kidding. But speaking of Chipotle, I am going to eat there probably every day when I get back. So in the meantime, eat a lot for me. I'm glad you had a nice visit in Texas, but I'm with you, where we're at is so much better. I'm really glad we moved too, but at the same time I miss all of those great families! We'll have to go visit when I get back. You and dad both look great in the pictures you sent! Thanks for the letter mom, your letters always make me smile too :) Love you!

Dad- hola Papi! como estás? Wow, sounds like a really awesome lesson! I'm sure that the Spirit was really strong there and that it made the kids want to really learn more about the Old Testament. Just from reading it I want to be there for your classes this year! But you'll just have to keep sending me your notes and impressions. That's such a big class too! We'll see if it stays that big all year long or if a lot of people just came for the first "grand opening" haha. The setup looks cool, but it's definitely a miracle that all of those chairs fit down there haha. You look like you have slimmed down a little bit in the pictures you sent. Not like you were fat, but you look really healthy and in shape. Also after seeing the pictures of you, we have pretty much the same face I've decided haha. Kind of weird but it's a good thing haha. Love you dad!

Alright, well time is up and I've got an important appointment to get to. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I know that he lives. This really is His work and every day I am more and more grateful to be a part of it and to have been raised with all of the truths for my whole life, with an amazing family to help teach it to me. Love and miss you all tons.

Noj Peet, (Adios)

Elder Norton

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