"Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah."

Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:8

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone back in the states, and feliz día de los muertos para todos los latinos. Halloween is VERY different here and it's called the day of the dead. It's kind of neat because everyone goes to the graves of their loved ones and they paint them bright colors and then fly kites. (All of the graves here are above ground) So there are a LOT of people with kites and the graves all look pretty cool so colorful and bright. We wanted to go to a graveyard and just start contacting people about eternal families and vicarious temple work, but we will be here in the cap almost all week so that's a bummer. 

I'm writing you from an area in the capital with a bunch of other elders from zona molina. We got together today and played basketball in an indoor court of a chapel here (that's one of the good things about the cap.) I also picked up my suit today which is pretty good looking if you ask me. I like it because it's fitted pretty nicely for me. Apparently it's the exact same fabric as Elder Lusty's new suit that he got, but we didn't plan that. I'll have to take pictures tomorrow and send them next week. This week is probably going to be a little long and boring for me since I'll be here in the cap until at least Thursday and probably until Friday. Elder Contreras is getting all four wisdom teeth out on Wednesday and he will be out of it for at least a couple of days, so we're thinking we probably won't even get back until Friday. But I'm excited for concilio with President Watts and It will be nice to eat good food and take really nice showers for a while. 

This week has been a pretty good week. The Lord blessed us (and me) a lot this week so that we had a good week. We had an actual full, normal week of work which was really nice and it helped us to get a lot of work done. Things with my companion are great, we've talked a lot and worked everything out. But it's still very likely that I'll be getting a new companion next change. It was never something between us and it wasn't anything really too bad. But it was just a pain to have to deal with it. But it's all over now and in the hands of the Lord. He's a good guy though and I love him. 

The cousin of Gilsa and Nieves that had a baptismal date said that he can't get baptized anymore. He talked to his family about it and they all got mad at him and told him that he couldn't, so he felt bad and said he didn't want to anymore. We encouraged him to keep praying about it and keep going to church and said that we would go and talk to his brothers and his grandma about it. His parents live in the states and have lived there since he was 1. So we're not sure what will happen with him. We've also got the older sister of Nieves who told us that she wanted to get baptized but wanted to know if she could still go to her other church. So we've got some work to do, but I think that eventually that they will get baptized. We also received a reference this week from a really great member named Moisés and it turned out to be a cool experience. He took us to their house and I immediately noticed from the way that the women wore their corte that they had to either speak 
Q'eqchi' or Poqomchi' so I asked her where she was from. She told me she was from Taktik which meant that she spoke fluent Poqon. It was really funny to see how surprised they were when I started saying things to them in Poqon. They just laugh and cover their faces and think that it's great. And I think it's great too haha. I really like Poqomchi' and wish that I had had more time to learn it better. I still can't hardly understand anything even though I can speak a little bit. But it was because of that little connection that the whole family just opened up to us, let us come in and teach them a lesson, and made them feel comfortable. They are looking forward to another appointment for this next Saturday. We'll see how things turn out with them.  Another interesting story: We were talking to a lady that I had contacted beforehand and wanted to go into her house and teach her but her husband wasn't home. We explained that we couldn't come in unless the husband was home. She told us that the husband didn't like to listen at all and that it would be very hard to come over at a time where he would be there. So we started to walk away when all of the sudden a guy comes riding up on his motorcycle and calls us back. It turned out to be the husband, which was a surprise. He invited us in and told us that he really like us- that we were really great guys. He said he wanted us to pray with him and that one day he wanted to invite us over for dinner and eat with him. He was also very drunk. But I'm going to hold him to his word about the dinner with his wife as my witness, even if he doesn't remember anything. 

We also had a funny experience when we found a possum digging in the trash outside the house. After kicking it a few times (my comp did that) I tried to hit it with the broom but it just ended up running past me into the house which we had left wide open. After that it was about a 10 minute ordeal trying to get the darn thing out of the house and then to get it to leave the small garden in the front yard. All of the people here that heard about that story told us that we should have caught it and sold it since possum is a delicacy here in Guate. I also went on divisions this week with Elder Vestal which is always a good time. 

Alrighty, well that's pretty much the best parts of the week. Now on to some personal stuff!

Dad- haha as we say here, that girl is "mala onda" (it's kind of like saying "that's messed up") for dressing up like you and making fun of you. But you'll just have to call on her for every question from now on haha. She'll regret her decision someday. Loved Will's costume hahaha.  Thanks for all the advice dad I really appreciate it. You always know how to encourage me and help me do what's right. Things are fine with my companion now, but yeah sometimes it's easy to get discouraged when someone who should be doing what's right messes up. But the important thing is treating your companion like an investigator and helping them to move on and change. Thanks for everything! Love you dad.

Mom- first of all I'm really happy to hear about the baptism in the ward! I can't wait to get back there and work with the missionaries and help the missionary work in the ward. It will be fun. ok before I forget, I honestly don't remember if it was snowing or raining. I just remember that it was REALLY cold, that I got REALLY wet, and that some guy gave me $5 in the bathroom haha. (that sounds weirder than it actually is.) But anyways, sounds like you are busy! I know the feeling. I haven't gotten your package yet, but I should be getting it tomrrow at the concilio. I will be eating LOTs of candy this week :) Thanks for always praying for me mom and for caring so much about me. I know that I am supported so much by you and by everything that you do and for your love and confidence in me to do what's right. Love you tons and I'll talk to you soon!

Matt- man, you are just a ladies man these days! I'm glad to hear you're doing really well and I'm really greatful for your letter man. It means a lot. Good luck with school and with everything you are doing there. Love you bro!

Jack- thanks for the email bud I love you tons! You sound way too old so quit growing up! It's freaking me out!

Alright, well I'm sorry guys, I don't have any more time. I love you all tons and I'll write and send pictures next week. Love you!

Elder Norton

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