"Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah."

Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 2:8

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If Noah's Flood Came Back On the Earth, I'd Be Done With My Mission Before it Stopped Raining!

Hey Guys!

Well. I have to say that it's pretty hard not to get baggy with Elder Snow and Elder Dilworth here with me. It also is a VERY VERY baggy thing for me that Twoody is already coming home. I can't believe that. That just makes me feel even more that it's almost time for me to come home. Mark's home. Now Twoody's home. Next up is me.

BUT, I'm working hard still with my companion. We got everything worked out for Juana and Oscar's wedding and it will be this Friday at 10:00 AM. The baptism will then be at 10:00 on Saturday. It's pretty exciting because she has been waiting to get baptized for a long time, so we're super excited for her. Oscar(the groom)'s mom has been a little bit pouty because they aren't going to do any big party or anything, but we told her not to be so materialistic (in a nice way). It is actually very impressive how they are getting married without anything when the culture here pretty much demands those things to be accepted by other people. They will probably get a lot of "bad reputation" from friends and family, but their hearts are set on doing what's right and keeping the commandments. They are really forming their foundation upon the rock of Christ. So I have confidence that they will be a strong couple and be able to withstand the fiery darts of the adversary.

We are also working hard still with the other Oscar, who is doing well but is having a hard time understanding a lot of things. But he came to church again this Sunday so he's doing well. We went with a bunch of members yesterday to visit Domingo and Rosa and to just kind of give them a little bit of support. They were happy that we went with the branch president and everything. They are saying right now that they have plans to get married in July, so I'm hoping to see Rosa get baptized before I leave.

Other than that the work keeps moving on faster than ever. Yesterday my companion was sitting on the floor in an investigators house when a big rat came running out at him across the room. (my comp has a BIG fobia of rats) So my companion yelled and dove for safety while the rat ran and weasled his way into Juana (our fecha)'s corte (pretty much her "dress" you could say). She stood up and started dancing and jumping to get the rat out and after a couple seconds the poor little creature flew out and ran outside. It was a pretty funny experience haha.

Ok, well not too much else to say about the week. Here's some shoutouts.

Dad- Hey dad! First of all Happy Father's day!!! Sorry I didn't mention anything to you last week but for some reason I was thinking last week that it wouldn't be until this week. But you know that I love you and that you are the best dad I could ever ask for. Thanks for all you've taught me and for being one of my best friends. I know I can always count on you. I'm excited for the stuff we're going to do when I get back. Thanks for the update on the NBA. I was rooting for the Thunder but I will applaud LeBron for his playoff ring. Right now there are a lot of soccer games going on for some preliminary World Cup stuff. Actually, the USA played Guate a couple of weeks ago and they tied 1 to 1. They are matched up in groups of 4 and 2 will go on to compete in another round of games to be participants in the World Cup. USA is the leading team in their group of 4 so it was good for Guate to tie up with them I guess. I'll have to get you into soccer more when I get back. It's fun to watch!! Yeah. It's hard sometimes. But I'm ready for it. I'm going to give it everything I've got with these people these last few weeks, but I'm ready to go back to the blessed USA. Being with these people is sometimes very tiring. It requires a lot of patience and love because they are so childlike. Anyways thanks again dad for all your advice and counsel. It's been some of the most important things for me in my whole mission and I really appreciate it. Love you dad. Thanks for everything.

Mom- Last thing I heard about the Q'eqchi' choir, they won't be coming to Sacsuha anymore to do a concert. That's what the senior couple in Senahu told me at least. They said that they will just be doing a concert in Teleman on Sunday. But I guess President Watts wants it to be a big thing which means we'll probably all be doing there and bringing investigators and members. I'm just excited to get a new hymnbook!! So, you'll have to ask aunt Julie about the deets right now and let me know next week. Either way I will maybe be able to spend a little bit of time with Julie. That's awesome about Jonny finishing his training and everything. I'm not too informed about what a military policeman does but it sounds cool. Kind of surprising that he'll be going to Germany. Will they be learning German or what? Any idea how long they'll be there? Anyways sounds cool. It's really sad about Cody. I wish there was something we could do, but I guess like you said, the Lord will make what he wants to happen, happen. I'm praying for him and I'll be sure to include him in my prayers and my fast next Sunday. Anyways I have to go for now but thanks for all you do mom. Love you!! :)

Alrighty well another week is gone. Tell Twoody I expect him to write me while I'm still here and he's home. Love you all tons and I'll see you soon.


Elder Norton

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